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Hello & Welcome

… to my personal blog which aims to inform you of my motorhome travels and other related leisure interests. Hopefully you will find somewhere, or something, of interest and investigate further.

Since buying our motorhome in 2007 I started to scale back on full time working becoming semi retired in 2011 and then fully retired in 2014. I love being able to travel in a motorhome as it gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace, never rooted too long in one spot as with a caravan, but having the option to stay if you want to relax, say, beside a beach, loch or river. Being a resident of Argyll now, wildcamping in the motorhome is easy and a money saver, you can save quite a lot of money that can be better spent elsewhere like food and wine bought locally.

We have travelled extensively and hopefully this new blog will give you a flavour of just some of the places visited so far and the improvements made to the van, extending the time we can spend wildcamping. We are about to set off on the biggest journey yet, 6 months touring, France, Andorra, Spain and Portugal and this travel diary will help us keep in touch with friends and family and provide a record of our travels to help us remember where we were and what we did. Adventure before Dementia!

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I welcome your comments, hints or tips so please feel free to post your views in the comments section of the relevant page or you can e mail me at blog officially started on the 1st of September 2016 but there are posts looking back at places and events going back to the purchase of the motorhome in 2007.