… Hi. I’m Angus, and no prizes for guessing that I’m Scottish – but the picture was taken in sunny Spain in early 2020! 

Mid Argyll in Scotland is my home base now but my career in sales has taken me all over the UK, with travels to overseas conferences and exhibitions a memorable bonus.

Being ‘on the road’ since I was 18 gave me the privileged ability to travel at the expense of whichever company I was working for at the time. As well as the day to travelling to see customers in the UK, there were also great memories visiting overseas destinations.

Smiths Crisps – Long Weekend in Marbella (incentive win).
Saccone & Speed – Long weekend at the George V in Paris (incentive win).
Saccone & Speed – Conference in Nashville, USA.
Saccone & Speed – Conference in the Rhine Valley, Germany.
Saccone & Speed – Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Saccone & Speed – Conference in Nashville, USA.
European Cellars – 10 day Caribbean Cruise (incentive win).
Egmont Books – 4 Trade shows in Bologna and visiting Venice, Rimini, Pisa and Florence before or after the trade shows.
Egmont Books – Training course in Stuttgart, Germany, 
Egmont Books – Training course near Oslo, Norway. 
Egmont Books – Training course near Copenhagen, Denmark.
Peter Haddock – Trade show in Nuremberg, Germany.
Booksource – Trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Bologna Bookfair with Egmont Childrens Books…

With all of these events I always tried to add on some extra time and see, either the city I was in, or what was nearby. Bologna was a particular favourite as the Trade Fair was always in the spring, it was warm, the food and wine were great and the team I was with were great fun. It was also within a train ride to sight-see in Pisa, Florence, Venice and Rimini, an opportunity not missed.

In the late 70’s we bought a Sprite Musketeer caravan and toured around Scotland. It was written off one May when a gust of wind tipped it over on the M9, near to where the Kelpies can be seen today.

A new Sprite Alpine arrived just in time for the first venture into France to the south Brittany coast, the first of many visits to that area. My home town is Falkirk, and Quimper was its twin town back then. Concarneau is a lovely fishing port and great fun on Bastille Day.

In 1984 Bordeaux and Congnac were reached in a 3 week holiday from Falkirk! By the early 90s with two daughters now on the scene we kept the Alpine and added an awning which did the job.

Another favourite destination around this time (early 90s) was Holland and the caravan site at Koningshof was an excellent base to visit places like Amsterdam, Delft, Gouda, The Hague, Rotterdam, as well as the nearby beach resorts of Katwijk, Noordwijk and Sheveningen. 

A company move took the family to live in East Leake, between Loughborough and Nottingham between 1996 and 2011. Building a career, working long hours, trying to pay off the mortgage, etc, etc, meant time to use the caravan was limited so it was sold in 1997. As we lived near East Midlands airport, the void was filled by cheap budget flights which took us all over Europe with Amsterdam, Munich, Malmo, Copenhagen and Sicily (twice) memorable places.

By 2007 we were having great family holidays away, but what seemed to be missing was the ability to get away for the weekend and relax from the stresses and strains of the working week. As I was changing company cars on a regular basis another caravan was ruled out. Living very close to the English canal network, a canal boat was considered but quickly dismissed because it was too limiting to get to different places at weekends. It was then that the notion of a motorhome was mooted and it seemed the perfect solution, so, in June 2007 a McLouis Tandy 366g was purchased, and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

The story continues on other pages but this short introduction gives you an idea of how we became owners of a motorhome back in 2007 and other pages will describe. Unfortunately my previous blog was hacked in February 2020 and most of my travel blogs were lost…

This is my personal blog which aims to inform you of my motorhome travels and other related leisure interests. Hopefully you will find somewhere, or something, of interest and investigate further. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can help in any way about the motorhome lifestyle or more details on some of the places we have visited.


The Navigator and I have been an item since High School.

In 2007 when we bough Louis the McLouis she had just come through a major operation and it took her some time to get well and getting away in the van was a big part of her recovery.

First time out in Louis…
First foreign trip – on the banks of the Rhine…
Cycling at Peterborough…
A very rare picture of The Navigator actually driving Louis…
Never happier – Red wine and a BBQ…
A look that says – you better not be burning that…

The Navigator has guided me in life, and around Europe, for a long number of years which is quite a feat given she can’t read a map!!!